“All art is an expression of the soul - whether it takes shape in the form of a painting, sculpture, design or a piece of jewelry. Like music, art is a universal language, and so jewelry is a conduit for self expression; it is a way to communicate without words, always evoking a sentiment or a memory.”  
-- Amy Nordström

Amy Nordström has been captivated by art, design, and sculpture since she was six years old. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Amy was inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her. And she, in turn, has been the inspiration for art once modeling her hands for world-renowned sculptor Glenna Goodacre. It is only fitting that she would go on to find her true calling as a jewelry designer.

Inspired by nature and forged by hand, every piece Amy creates is bent, cut and hammered out of a vision that literally takes shape in her hands. Her designs embody strength, femininity and the beauty of the natural world. Staying true to her purpose, each piece is made of carefully selected gold and silver, with consciously sourced gemstones and fair trade diamonds.

Not only do we love Amy’s collections - they have also caught the eye of the inimitable Beyoncé, for their strong presence and contemporary spirit. Complementing self-expression with each piece’s ethereal character, Amy’s designs are timeless, one-of-a-kind, and sculpted with unparalleled authenticity.

We are so proud to feature pieces from Amy Nordstrom’s Leaf and Lattice collection as well as her latest Nave collection launching this month. Pieces include earrings, cuffs, neck cuffs, adjustable necklaces and rings to complement every outfit and connect its wearer to the Earth’s beauty. We invite you to come into 7 on Locust and experience Amy’s creations for yourself.