Meet Nadine Storyk Curtis, owner, stylist, and curator of 7 on Locust.  

The boutique opened it's doors in June of 2013, but has been years in the making. ‘Life’s rich pageant‘ led me here. I benefited from a bohemian upbringing that provided the foundation for an adventurous life, one that eventually brought me to South Africa for an extended period of time. While living in Cape Town, I started Be Sweet, a yarn and knitwear company that works with job creation programs. I was so inspired by the innovative craft movement and the community of artisans working together, I knew that if I were to ever open a boutique I would model my business around unique creativity.  I designed my store to reflect the artful lifestyle, curiosity and sense of adventure I develop through my travels. Every piece of jewelry, clothing, art and home decor is sourced with this concept in mind. It’s a constantly evolving process influenced by the places I visit and the interesting people I meet along the way.